Sunday Shopping

Services | Nathaniel Minor | November 2013

It’s 17:45 on a Saturday afternoon, and the fridge is empty. Frantic, you dash to your neighbourhood supermarket. Damn! The doors are locked. Don’t despair!

Contrary to popular belief, not all Vienna shuts down on Sundays. Besides supermarkets at most major train stations and the airport (where check-out lines can be punishingly long) most bakery chains – Der Mann, Anker, Geier, Ströck  – are open Sundays until noon, and in the 1st District until 15:00.

There are also some lesser-known, much loved, more offbeat Sunday options worth a short hike. Some circumvent the closed-Sunday law by having one or two café tables to stay open all weekend. They may have milk, butter and eggs, but don’t expect a wide selection.

One of those shops is Feinkost Frau Ott’s in the 7th district, a traditional Viennese bakery/delicatessen. Summer construction slowed sales and threatened to put the 86-year-old proprietor out of business. But a Facebook campaign raised awareness and Mrs. Ott’s shop is alive and well.

Some Turkish and Jewish bakeries have special licenses and select exceptions are made for 24-hr bakeries and delicatessens.


Anadolu Backshop

11., Simmeringerhauptstraße 43/EG

10., Quellenstrasse 167/EG

6:00-Midnight, daily


Aslan Bäckerei Brot- und Süsswaren

5., Siebenbrunnengasse 75 

6:00-22:00, daily


Bäckerei Gül

5., Rechte Wienzeile 45

16., Yppenplatz 7/3

12., Othmargasse 42

14., Hütteldorfer Straße 113

24 hours, daily


Bäckerei Prindl

12., Jägerstrasse 2

24 hours, daily


Feinkost Frau Ott

7., Neustiftgasse 58

4:30-20:00, Sunday


Ohel Moshe Bakery

2., Lilienbrunngasse 18

8:30-13:00, Sunday


UECLER Bäckerei

12., Oppelgasse 4

2., Taborstraße 50

7:00-22:00 daily


Supermarkets open on Sunday

• Billa at Franz Josef Bahnhof 

• Billa at Praterstern

• SPAR, Billa at the Vienna Airport

• SPAR at Babenbergerstraße near the Museumsquartier U-Bahn stop

• SPAR on Währingerstrasse near the

Allgemeines Krankenhaus


Smaller SPAR markets open on Sunday

• 3., Wien Mitte

• 10., Laaer-Berh Strasse 207

• 10., Grenzackerstrasse 2

• 10., Laaerbergstrasse 84

• 10., Triesterstrasse 6A-8

• 14., Hadikgasse 128

• 15., Oeverseestrasse 2B

• 16., Pfenninggeldgasse 2


Tell us your Sunday shopping secrets!


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