U.K. Buys Austrian Guns

News | Vienna Review | February 2013

The British Ministry of Defence has signed a 9 million pound sterling contract to purchase 25,000 Austrian-made Glock pistols. The contract will outfit British forces in Afghanistan with the fourth generation Glock 17 to replace their current sidearm, the Browning L981.

After two years of rigorous testing, the handgun has been chosen to replace the ­American Browning pistol that had been in service in the British Armed Forces since WWII. The Glock 17 outperforms the Browning in several aspects, namely its weight, ease of operation, and the amount of rounds the magazine holds.

The Glock 17 is also more accurate, easier to clean, and more durable over the long run due to its hybrid polymer and metal construction. These advantages are particularly crucial given the probability of close-quarters combat in the conflict facing the soldiers in Afghanistan.

For more on the Glock, see "Austria: Armed for Business" in June 2011 TVR.


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