UN Mission on Golan Heights

News | Vienna Review | June 2013



Why Austria Should Hold its Position on the Golan Heights, 10 May

by Christian Ultsch

The UN can only be as strong as its members make it. On the Syrian Golan Heights the United Nations provide an increasingly lamentable impression. And that lies first and foremost at the feet of the states supplying troops, who in recent months have evaded their responsibilites.

After the withdrawal of the Japanese, Canadians and Croatians, the Philippines are now also considering pulling their troops out. [...]

A special burden now rests on the Austrian troops. The Austrian battalion is the last anchor of stability in the Golan Heights. If they pull out, the deployment is finished once and for all. With its steadfast reliability, Austria has shown that it has grown into its responsibile role, both military and political. That raises Austria’s international reputation more than a dozen long-winded conferences.

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