Young Romance

Columns | Nina Cranen | July / August 2013

Viennese subway users are famous for being unfriendly. "… So that is why I don’t do subways," a real Wienerin once explained to me. "It puts me in a bad mood." I was inexperienced, and decided she was arrogant.

Two years later, I am now an expert on the Viennese Öffis (public transportation). I got used to sitting across from the grey faces, the wrinkled grins, and the more then occasional rudeness of fellow travellers. How delighted I was, then, when my wondering eyes stumbled upon a smile.

His big brown eyes, decorated with long black lashes, stared shamelessly at me. Flattered and a little bit intimidated by his outgoing personality, I tried to look the other way.

Before the next stop, though, my curiosity won over my slight embarrassment. I looked back at him. Enthusiastically he started waving at me. I had no choice but to send him a shy smile and a little wave back. He started glowing.

Then he stretched out his arm, as far as he could and offered me a chocolate, slightly mushed, but still in a wrapper, smiling even more. It made my day…

A three-year-old had just flirted with me.

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